Mierlegion A Frog in the Well
A full synopsis will be available at a later date. I am still working on this novel, it has been changed entirely from the previous concept.
kakui999999 The Betrayed Golden Hero
A story about Naruto Phenex that got betrayed by his friend and lover. Will he forgive them or will kill them?
Silent_Willow War God's Descent
Leonardo is your average dropout. Barely meetings ends meet, living an unstable lifestyle, and constantly staying at friends place just for some sleep. But after an incident regarding his sister occurs, he decides to man up and become a Hunter so that he can take care of his Niece. Though he lives a relatively calm life in the slums with her, he's given a chance to change his and his niece's life...
breadandspread Rise of the Heavenly God
Zhen Yu, a normal kid, wishes to get stronger. But because of his poor aptitude for cultivation, he can never advance in their sect. On one fateful day, he goes into the Ancient Forest, he encountered an inheritance left by a God, would he be able to rise up to power?

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